A Safe Haven for Spiritual Seekers to Heal

Time's Up - Your Journey starts NOW as a Conscious Creator!

At this phase of the Great Shift in Consciousness, we should know that we are spirit light beings having a human experience on earth for the purpose of aging the soul to new levels of awareness to advance humanity.

Master Kirael says that when you consciously learn to control your alpha state of consciousness you literally begin to control your life. Could this truth cause some form of fear in someone?

Living your life in fear or in love is a choice for you to choose. As you begin to create a life in love, you will consciously create a journey of healing your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body.

It’s time to make changes in your life, because change is of the essence, essence is desire and desire is love for who you are a conscious creator aging your soul.

Honolulu Church of Light

A safe haven to heal in love


We are delighted when we become more in tuned with the higher aspect of self and with the 4th dimension and beyond. However more times than not, we are struggling to keep our focus on the earth plane and get things done. Why is it such a struggle? Perhaps there is a way to make sense of the struggle that will mystically shift our thoughts on how to approach the shift in consciousness, and find the balance.

“An invitation from Kahu Fred Sterling”
Dear Friends,
The past year has given me a chance to acclimate myself to the new healing energy of Hawaii (the mountain tops of ancient Lemuria) and its role in this Great Shift in Consciousness…


When we truly live the life we love, something mysterious happens to us. We allow ourselves to discover a new idea which captures our imagination and makes us want to give ourselves wholeheartedly to it. We become dedicated to its fulfillment. It leads us to a higher purpose, a new role, and new responsibility that will guide us on our spiritual growth.

Kahu Fred Sterling

At the Honolulu Church of Light, we exercise our faith through prayer. We believe that there are forces in the universe bigger than ourselves, and prayer is one way that we communicate with them.

Master Guide Kiraels Prayer for the Honolulu Church of Light

Healing Sunday Experience

Free Long Distance Healing Sunday

Join us for our unique Sunday Healing experience at the Honolulu Church of Light. Our doors are always open to new people who want to get involved with us.

Signature Cell Healing ®

Signature Cell Healings a non-invasive touch healing experience which focuses energy on the “signature cell,” or God cell, which lies within the pineal gland.

Long Distance Healing

Long Distance Healings is a method used to assist you on your healing journey. Kahu Fred’s unique spiritual gifts include the ability to “travel between the realms.”

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