Honolulu Church of Light

Heal Yourself, Heal the World

 Aloha and welcome to the

Honolulu Church of Light,

A spiritualist church focused

on manifesting peace through

love and healing. 

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The truth strands found with in the cells of the physical body

Dear Spiritual Seekers,

I invite you to submit your healing request to info@honoluluchurchoflight.com.  They will be placed in the healing bowl and will be lit up during nightly prayer at 11:30 p.m. by me and a spirited healing community who believes everything can be healed in love.  

This month of March, we celebrate the trinity of truth, trust and passion.  It is the Trinity or the Three Keys which anchor the Love of the Creator within the Self.  I invite you to attend this Healing Sunday and weave your truth strands of healing light with the Honolulu Church of Light healing community for all to feel the kind of love that heals. Read More:

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