Healing Message: Healing the Collective Anger and Frustration of the World

Aloha! Our doors are open once again. Thank you for your patience and your love for this little church with a huge capacity to love.  It has been such an honor for me to be the minister of a healing community made of people like you and me who are willing to the heal the self-first.

Join me this Sunday and adapt ourselves to the offerings of a new world. Let us breathe together and heal the collective consciousness of fear, anger and frustrations that have surfaced once again.

Healing yourself, heals the world simultaneously. Let us begin healing the collective anger and frustration brought on by global covid19 pandemic and the systemic human inequality. How do we heal this?  The answer is always been and forever will be, one heart at a time beginning with the self. Hearts linking together in making life better and better on earth.

Here is something to think about. Let this make sense in your mind, your heart and soul.

Let us look at the human body as a symphony orchestra with many instruments playing together. When one part plays off-key, the resultant sound re- flects the discordant energy. To restore harmony, the discord is searched out and corrected. Thus, like the orchestra, harmony is perpetuated within the body when each part is willing to participate in a symphony of cellular consciousness. This occurs when there is a merging of cellular awareness in total alignment with all surrounding universal energies.


Kahu Fred Sterling