Healing Sunday

Welcome to a New Level of Love

I invite you to this Healing Sunday and weave your strands of healing light with the Honolulu Church of Light healing community for all to feel the kind of love that heals.  This is the month when we celebrate Valentine’s Day.  I have a sense that this February 2020 will undoubtedly be a strong adventure in your commitment to heighten your level of love.  Do make an effort to get a fuller concept of you expectations of what it means to love the self from your sixth sense.

Consider reading a dynamic chapter 2 the principle of Trust in my book, The Ten Principles of Consciously Creating.  I will introduce you to a new level of love.  Here is an excerpt…”The sixth sense is not some sort of psychic agreement. It is not some sort of a far-out reach beyond your abilities.  It is who you are.  It is the mastering of the art of being human, for you in your material world oftentimes see yourself in light that does not exist because you use illusions to create special arrangements.”

When you hold to the Truest, that bridge , that fabric of light that allows you the expansiveness to know that you are more than what you hav felt, and you are more than the limitations, then you can no longer are willing to settle for the “less than” parts of your life.  You will know that by crossing this bridge of Trust, if nothing more than just knowing that Trust can take you in realms that you have only dreamed about in the past.  I you have dreamed it, it is part of your blueprint of life.  So, it is your journey to live it and age your soul.  Welcome home to your new level of love.


Kahu Fred Sterling