Long Distance Healing Sunday

It’s time to email your healing requests to info@honoluluchurch.com. It can only enhance your healing process. Be sure to tune in live and be part of our healing community consciously creating together a powerful intention to heal.

Every first and third Sunday of each month a healing community comes together to heal and be healed in the space of a heightened vibration of  pure love that heals. This kind of love can be felt from long distances. This love is able to heal the four bodies (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) simultaneously.

I humbly share a testimonial from Heidi living in Sidney Australia. She was able to tune in live and be present for last month’s Sunday Healing Service.  I hope this will move you to submit your healing requests  to receive love and support for your healing journey.

Heidi said “I was chosen as one of the participants on the 19th of Jan 2020 for long distance healing and I want to thank you all specially Kahu and Patti as what I experienced was unbelievable and still I feel it when I do the breathings.  I have been diagnosed with melanoma cancer and the healing process was so unbelievably strong. As soon as Kahu and Patti started I felt the movement inside me and it didn’t stop. The amount of energy I received at the time was so very big for my body. I have been doing my breathings the way Kahu asked me to do every day. After one week from the healing I have started feeling quite different. I tried to meditate and come to your church every night to thank you all for the help and love and kindness as Patti and Kahu said they go there nightly. I pray to God  to show me and guide me, so I could use all I have in me to match God’s will. Lots of love, God bless you all” … Heidi from Sydney 

From the Signature Cell Healing perspective,  a very focused healer in the space of pure love is able to affect all four bodies simultaneously. Dis-eases occurring in the physical body started at the spiritual level before it manifests itself in the physical plane at a level of existence, or consciousness.

Think about this excerpt from the book, Kirael: The Great Shift, “There are many of you already beginning to be able to see in one’s eyes the truth of what I am speaking about. But most important, my friends, the Great Shift means that you can be in love, pure love, and not have to think that you might be just a little bit strange because of it.” Get this book and the instructions to the 5 Breath Self-Healing Meditation at signaturecellhealing.com.