What more can you do to relieve the hurt that come from deep within? 

Where would you begin to heal all of the ills that you are experiencing?


I invite you to email your healing requests to info@honoluluchurchoflight.com today.  Be sure to join us live this Sunday via the internet. Come feel of the powerful divine healing energies generated by a collective consciousness of “we the people” who strongly and passionately believes in the power of long-distance healing.


Let your healing begin at 9:00 am this Sunday. It matters not what you think the origins of your pains and sufferings. Come feel the healing power of your love light. Let the healing begin at your emotional body (your love body). From there, the healing light of love will stream into your 70 trillion cells igniting the cellular memory of the original love for being on earth, causing the awakening and rejuvenation to continue your life journey. This is the truth. Trust that there are no barriers that prevents the healing energies to flow when it is sent and received in love. Let us help you feel your strength and courage brought on by your own love for self that will communicate your passion to heal on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.


This Sunday come feel the kind of love that will support your heart’s desire. Your participation will take your healing to new levels of awareness.  I invite you to come and experience long-distance healing. I look forward to receiving your healing requests. Come heal with us and age your soul.



Kahu Fred Sterling