Healing Sunday

Healing Sunday

Dear Friends,

These Sundays are dedicated to expand the five senses, experience your sixth sense to heal your life. Learn how your cellular consciousness can age your soul. Learn the why and how to communicate with the cells of the physical body including the mitochondria. I have often said that I feel I have one foot firmly planted in the 4th dimension. I will explain what it feels like. Maybe you are like me.

Take the journey with us as committed conscious creators to new heights of awareness in this safe place we call Honolulu Church of Light. Take full advantage of this Great Shift in Consciousness and the opportunities that it offers.

Kahu Fred Sterling’s Healing Message – Sunday, January 7, 2018:

What are you willing to do to be healed?

Every Challenge in life is a gateway to further understand the Creator and the creator within.  Healing the lesson plan that appears in the physical realm is a lesson of love that ages the soul.

Kahu Fred Sterling

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