Free Long Distance Healing on Sunday

Free Long Distance Healing with Kahu Fred Sterling on the 3rd Sunday of Each Month

Kahu Fred Sterling offers Long Distance Healings to anyone, anywhere around the world with the assistance of other Spiritual Seekers and Conscious Creators. This Free Live Program is Open to All live in person or click this link to join us live online.

Q. Why would want a free Long Distance Healing?

A. If you are healing through a physical ailment (cancer to a hang nail), relationship issues (like loss of a loved one), financial instability (like lack of money to improve your status in life) and/or for some of you feeling abandoned and unloved.

Q. What can you expect from your participation?

A. You will receive photon healing energy of love and light from Kahu, his team and people around the world focused on your four body healing they physical, emotional, mental and spiritual to awaken the chromosomes of youth and vitality.

Your name and healing request is put into the healing portal at the Honolulu Church of Light and you will receive healing photon energy by Kahu and the Signature Cell Healing team every night at 11:30pm Hawaii Time for the next 27 days.

You are welcome to weave your love and light as a healee or a healer during this Webcast.

Your Long Distance Healing Request

Phone: (808) 843-1235

Email: info@honoluluchurchoflight.com