Private Long Distance Healing with Kahu Fred

Why should you have a healing?

At sometime spiritual seekers like you at the middle age soul level may have come to a point in life where the healing journey has come to a stall. You are feeling that there is more to healing the physical body, healing your relationship with family and friends, healing your relationship with money, or healing your relationship with yourself. Well you are right.

Here is how to get a healing

First, complete the healing request form unreservedly. It will give Kahu Fred a reference point on the healing needs of your four bodies. Give as much details as you can for greater clarity on what you want to heal.

Next, email your request and you will be contacted by one of Kahu’s assistants to set a healing time and payment instructions. Your date of birth and address are also required.

Healing time is best scheduled at night when you are fast asleep. Kahu Fred usually works with your spiritual, mental and emotional bodies to relieve the blocks, or note the reasons for it. He will go into your past lives that have relevance in your current life that may have led to ill health and other life challenges. The higher self usually is present to assist.

Appointment Details

Once we receive your requested healing time and payment, we will look at the time zone in which you reside, and the location where Kahu currently is in order to determine if this is the best time for your healing. Kahu prefers you to be in a restful state, and so we may need to move your appointment time, depending up your location, to a time better suited for your healing to take place. All this is determined and confirmed before the healing takes place. During the time of your appointment, we ask that you lay back, relax, turn the phone off and allow yourself to receive the healing gift of love that Kahu Fred Sterling offers.

Your Private Long Distance Healing Request

Kahu Fred Sterling Distance Healing - $250 USD


Your 4 Body Healing Details

Phone: (808) 843-1235

Email: info@honoluluchurchoflight.com