The Honolulu Church of Light is a spiritualist church focused on manifesting peace through love and healing. As spiritualists, we honor the evolutionary nature of human consciousness and embrace the Creator as the All That Is, the Omnipresence of Light. As a healing ministry, the church provides a safe space for all to celebrate life, to awaken spiritually, and to heal on all four levels of human experience: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

The Honolulu Church of Light is a “church without walls.” While the organization maintains a physical sanctuary and healing center in Honolulu, Hawaii (known to many as the healing capital of the world), it serves the needs of thousands of congregation members worldwide via the Internet.

The church’s global mission is simple: We the People are consciously creating opportunities for all to heal through love into love. Master Guide Kirael lovingly refers to the church as “The Beauty.”

The church’s members and supporters worldwide nurture a strong presence of love. Within the Beauty we believe the experience of fear is simply an opportunity to heal, to complete a life lesson so that it never has to be repeated again.

We understand how diverse the human journey can be. In that light, we focus primarily on our own lives, knowing that when we feel the love within, it emanates and helps in the healing of those around us.

We know that together we create a space where everyone has the opportunity to heal or be healed. Everyone needs healing at some point in his or her life. We the People are committed to creating safe sanctuaries for all who seek love and healing.

The Honolulu Church of Light exists to facilitate the Great Shift in Consciousness by assisting lightworkers in their awakening and healing. Our mission statement is:

We the People are consciously creating opportunities for all to heal through love into love.

In fulfilling this mission, we provide wisdom materials and healing tools to seekers around the globe. We also create and maintain outreach programs, such as our Internet webcasts

Healing means “to make whole” and involves the nurturing and balancing of all four levels of human experience: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. This understanding is what guides the Honolulu Church of Light.

The church is staffed by a loving, dedicated team of employee-volunteers in Honolulu, Hawaii. In addition, dozens of lightworkers across the globe are in service to the Beauty, assisting with transcriptions, translations, book editing, curriculum development and, of course, healing work.

Both staff and in-service volunteers are organized into working councils, based on the ancient Lemurian council system. A Sitting Council, consisting of ministers and directors, is the church’s main financial decision-making body, and a Board of Directors guides the future of the organization.

Kahu is a Hawaiian word meaning pastor or spiritual leader.

Here are some foundational beliefs held by most lightworkers affiliated with the Honolulu Church of Light.

There exists only one truth: your truth.

Truth is what you know in your heart. When you read the words on this page, for instance, only you can say what is true and what is not because the only thing that matters is what is true for you.

There is One Creator, the All That Is.

Nothing exists outside All That Is because it is All That Is. The Creator is the source of all Creation and It has but one purpose: to create.

We are each “Light” particles of the Creator.

Each evolutionary being is considered light particles of the Creator Source. As a human incarnation, we each have a larger spirit self, also known as the higher self, and within the core of our light is a spark of the Creator. You are that “light” the Creator manifest on Earth, and you are here to…that’s right…create!

Anything can be healed.

Everything in our reality is the result of thought, therefore, beliefs can be changed on all levels to create any result we desire—cure a physical ailment, heal relationships, create financial abundance, etc. As limitless beings of the Creator’s Light, we each have the power to heal anything and everything we desire as long as we are willing to do the journey.

Love is the one force in Creation that has no opposite.

Love is the Creator. Love is the Light of Creation. The force of Love permeates all manifestations and experiences, even those that we, as humans, might judge as negative or evil. Love is simply All That Is. The Creator only knows Love.

We exist in a trinity of the Creator, the Christ Consciousness and the Goddess Light.

In the simplest terms: the Creator is the One Source of All; the Christ Consciousness (or Christ Light) is the thought of the Creator; and the Goddess Light is the Love of the Creator.

We are in the midst of a Great Shift in Consciousness.

Many contemporary visionaries and ancient texts have predicted a great transformation of the Earth plane and her inhabitants at this time, and it is our belief that this Great Shift in human consciousness is underway. This is a time of immense evolutionary growth as spirituality blossoms worldwide, a time of self-empowerment, and an opportunity to return to wholeness and the fulfillment of our highest potentials.

This Great Shift is creating an evolutionary new reality.

In this new world of change, We the People will take responsibility for our individual growth as we move in a synchronicity that will unify the human race and all light beings experiencing this world. In the fullness of the Great Shift, it will be clear that the time to come together is at hand, and the term brothers and sisters will take on an enlightened understanding.

Our thoughts create our reality. Everything is a choice.

Our entire universe, both seen and unseen, is the result of thought. You magnetically attract to you energies and experiences that match the thoughts you emit. Each thought is a choice. Each word we speak is a choice. Each act is a choice. We choose how we react to every sensation or life experience.

Achieving peace within ourselves will guide us to world peace.

Loving the Self is the key. Creating peace in your own heart, in your own light, creates a ripple of peace around you and induces the same experience in your family, friends and colleagues. Without loving ourselves first and foremost, how can we expect to love and accept those around us?

You need not be poor to be a spiritualist or healer.

True spiritualists see themselves as limitless beings of light, which means they are capable of manifesting any human experience they desire. Any belief in lack, any belief that there is not enough of something for everyone in the world—whether it be love, abundance, relationships, health or materials goods—is a choice.

Self-love is the key to the entire human experience.

When we learn to love the Self—completely and unconditionally—we discover that we are limitless beings in a playground of human experience. Self-love is the true source of healing and the force that allows us to manifest the life that our hearts truly desire.

You are not a human being having a spiritual experience.

In truth you are a spiritual being having a human experience.

The Honolulu Church of Light honors all holy scriptures from all spiritual paths based on love and light. These include but are not limited to the Christian Bible, the Talmud, the Koran, the Vedas and many others. We believe these wisdom texts share a fundamental congruency, a basic message of peace, love and light, and that most of the differences in concepts and presentation are the result of written histories and cultural bias.

We hold that our ideas of God and humanity are constantly evolving. The God of the Old Testament, for example, can be seen to have exhibited many of the characteristics of earthly kings, such as anger, fear, judgment and authority, and is an appropriate reflection of the prevailing culture and times. If taken literally, the God of Abraham would seemingly be in conflict with the more contemporary views of a Creator God who is neither exclusively male nor female, who is loving and non-judgmental, and who is never separate from us.

We hold the view, therefore, that all great scriptures are guidebooks channeled from a higher source, subject to the variances of living cultures and times as well as the filters of both the writer and the reader. This does not make either the reader or the work “wrong;” it simply allows each individual to use these divinely inspired works as “roadmaps” to higher consciousness, by allowing one’s own heart to decide whether one resonates to the words or not. By allowing this access to the wisdom of the human heart, we affirm the divinity of our Inner Being, our “knowing,” the divine spark of our Creator within us.

In this church, therefore, we are always moved to study each concept or doctrine within the reality of our inner love to determine if the writing is pertinent to our evolutionary journeys. Our ministers are encouraged to be knowledgeable of as many of the great teachings as possible and to be able to discuss them with those seeking their guidance. This enables us to be of greater service to ourselves, to our ministry, and to our Creator. It allows us to keep our minds continually open, and thus, evolving.

The Honolulu Church of Light began its life as the Inward Healing Center in Honolulu, Hawaii. Master Kirael guided his medium, Fred Sterling, to establish a healing center. In 1995, with very few resources and a lot of prayer, an abandoned office was transformed into a healing center for We the People.
In the journey of creating the Inward Healing Center, we learned that in order to conduct hands-on healings in Hawaii, one must either be a licensed massage therapist or a licensed minister. Well, no one at the Inward Healing Center wanted to go to massage therapy school, and Kahu Fred was not thrilled at the prospect of having to become a minister just to do healing work.

“The truth was I had left the church behind years ago and in no way could I see myself being a pastor,” he says. “For me just saying the word ‘church’ felt constrictive. The only church I had known was religious and based on fear—fear of committing a sin, fear of going to hell, fear of being different. I knew that healing happens on all four bodies, so I wondered just how I could address the spiritual aspect of my life’s work if I still harbored all the unconstructive feelings I was carrying about religion.

“One day I was trying to explain to someone who had come to the center for healing that we would likely need help from a higher vibration of energy. I explained that prayer needn’t be a religious act. Sitting quietly and seeking help from a non-physical source of light wasn’t some strange or pious undertaking. In fact, it became abundantly clear to me that you didn’t have to be religious at all to find spirituality in your life.

“In that moment I knew that it was to be my undertaking in life to create a space where many, like me, who had had unfulfilling church experiences, could come to open their hearts once more to the unseen forces of light. I wanted to create a place where we could offer the freedom to search our origins of being human and find the path we wanted, no matter what our parents had taught us, a place dedicated to healing.”

The Inward Healing Center began a new journey of becoming a church—a non-traditional church based in love rather than fear. Master Kirael says of his medium, Kahu Sterling, “He has this burning desire to help people understand that they don’t have to be shy about what they do, that they can come out into the open and feel very comfortable about their belief systems no matter what they are, as long as they are in light.”

In truth, establishing the church as a non-profit spiritual organization in the U.S. offered several benefits. Providing healing services to We the People was the church’s foremost goal, and since we could only accept donations in exchange for these services, we had to find ways to generate additional income to support the work. So, Kahu Sterling set about creating books and recordings of the wisdom of Master Kirael and organizing workshops and seminars to keep the fledgling organization alive.

“There were those who left small donations in the box, yet there was never enough to pay the electricity bill, rent, insurance and all other costs of doing business,” recalls Kahu Sterling about establishing the church in November 1996.

Being officially recognized as a non-profit church meant that the organization could retain the majority of its income to support the work of healing. The application process was laborious and took several years (our new vision for a spiritualist church did not fit the definition of a traditional religious organization), yet in 1998 the Honolulu Church of Light was granted its official status as a 501(c)(3) church as designated by the Internal Revenue Service of the U.S. government.

This official recognition then made it possible for the Honolulu Church of Light to start re-defining the meaning and the purpose of “church.” Master Kirael states, “We thought about this because we’ve seen churches over thousands of years that had come and gone. We believe the type of church that the medium [Kahu Sterling] has strived for is the church of the future. It really is. It is a freedom.”

“Right now it does not have as much of an impact as other types of churches,” he says. “The other churches still preach fear, and that’s what you’re used to. You can’t get the medium to use fear…and I’m proud of him for that. So I think it’s time that we stand up and say why we are a church. We’re trying to prove that “church” doesn’t have to be a reality based in fear. Maybe We the People will find that they don’t have to be afraid anymore.”

A spiritualist may be defined as one who believes that humans are in constant states of awakening and who recognizes the evolutionary nature of change. Spiritualists, through their own truth and knowingness, constantly seek greater clarity that each new opportunity brings into reality. They understand that all parts of their life lessons must be thoroughly experienced in order to fully complete each lesson plan. For the spiritualist, the evolutionary journey is a cumulative experience, where love is the resilient force and each individual has the right to heal back into love.

In the world of the spiritualist, the Creator is recognized as the omnipresence of all Light in Creation and each human is seen as a particle of this Light. In simple terms, the spiritualist believes in the oneness of Spirit, whereas the religionist believes in the spirit of One.

A religionist often follows a prescribed set of doctrines or dogma, based upon holy texts, with very little questioning of such doctrines. God is traditionally viewed as an all-powerful being who judges the worthiness of all six billion souls on this Earth, including those who have never heard of this concept. In this light a select few speak for this all-powerful being, thereby determining what is right or wrong. Fear and guilt seem to cause a perceived separation from God. (The ideas here are not meant to criticize any given dogma; instead, it is to show that the established belief systems have discouraged people from questioning the written word. We stand on the premise that the religionist and spiritualist are one and the same, brothers and sisters of Light, and it is only their interpretations of the human experience that differ.)